Commit #3 : Clean code matters

*dusting blog*


Hi there! It’s been months¬†since my latest post commit here, work life sure can be tight ūüėÖ ¬†After two tutorials, let’s try some different type of commit, shall we? This time, I want to share about a book that changed the way how I code.

It was on my early days in Ice House. Some of our higher-ups just came back¬†from US and brought technical books for us. I was reading a copy of ¬†The Pragmatic Programmer¬†at that time, so I didn’t really looked at the new books.¬†After a few days,¬†Ridhwan¬†handed a copy of Clean Code to me, and said this:

Check this book out, do. My code structure changed a lot, even only by reading a few chapter of it.

I took it with a so-so feeling. I was reading the Pragmatic Programmer,¬†and that book made me feel worthless. It was full of best practices that I haven’t done (yet), so full of it that I was confused where should I begin with. I was unsure whether I can take something practical out of Clean Code. I was afraid (duh)¬†that it will make me feel worthless again. Yet,¬†I ended up reading it. It was recommended by the prodigy*, so… why not?

I read the introduction (it suggests amazing measurement for code quality) and the first chapter, and BAM Рthese paragraphs pops out:

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