Hi there! I’m Ricardo. Glad to have you here!

I’m a software engineering manager at DANA Indonesia, recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Science in Software Engineering program. Most of my engineering experience was on the iOS ecosystem, so I tried to expand my horizon to other platforms! I’m looking for ways to stretch out of my comfort zone to solve more interesting problems, especially software engineering ones.

You might find my website name as quirky, and it’s okay! It’s a combination of my nickname back home (Edo) and the small clan I was born into (Sembiring Pelawi) as a Batak Karonese in Indonesia. I learned to embrace them as part of my identity in recent years. Looking back, I should’ve done it sooner! I was born and raised in a plural community that embraces diversity as a strength, living the well-known Indonesian motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. This upbringing has shaped me to have my identity and values while respecting those who are different.

I happen to write (mostly) technical stuff in my blog – you might find it to your liking! You can find more of my techy work on GitHub and LinkedIn. I (sometimes) post some quirky stuff on Twitter and Instagram, too!

Thanks for dropping by, hope you have a blessed day (or evening) ahead!

– R